Lyndon Johnson ordered Israel the to attack on the USS Liberty - June 8th, 1967


The US Strategic Air Command went on red alert in California 3 1/2 to 1 1/2 hours BEFORE word came to Washington, DC, that unknown forces had attacked the USS Liberty


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And that tells me Lyndon Johnson ordered Israel to attack the USS Liberty.

There is an extremely important book that came out in 2003 and was published by Vision. It is "Operation Cyanide-Why the Bombing of the USS Liberty Nearly Caused World War III " by Peter Hounam and it is about Israel's attack on the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967.

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Keeping in mind the Machiavellian nature and (lack of character, depravity) of Lyndon Johnson and the mindset of "Operation Northwoods false flag attacks" at high levels in the American defense establishment, one can easily see how it could be Lyndon Johnson who was the party that was really behind the attack on the USS Liberty, not Israel. Israel was acting as an agent of LBJ in the attack on the USS Liberty.

Would Lyndon Johnson actually order an American ship to be fired on, sunk, and have all 294 ship members murdered to advance his political and "national security" goals?

Yes, absolutely. Lyndon Johnson had the exact same megalomaniacal mindset and depravity of an Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin or Saddam Hussein. I see a consistent line of incredibly malevalent behavior of Lyndon Johnson in the JFK assassination (November 22, 1963), the Gulf of Tonkin incident (August 2, 1964) & the attack on the USS Liberty (June 8, 1967).

LBJ was not just "capable" of anything ... he *did* everything.

Lyndon Johnson was very, very, very, very pro-Israel. I put 4 "verys" in there for a reason. LBJ had perhaps a dozen very pro-Zionist and often Jewish advisors around him. LBJ had a very close relationship with Arthur and Matilde Krim, an ultra-Zionist - just one example. There were many others of that pro-Israel mindset around LBJ. Harry McPhearson, a key LBJ advisor, called Lyndon Johnson the most pro-Semite person he had ever met.

Israel knew that it had the best possible friend in the American White House and there is no way she would have done anything to jeopardize that relationship.

That is why I know there is absolutely NO WAY Israel would have intentionally attacked the USS Liberty except for under the explicit orders of the head of the American state, Lyndon Johnson. Israel at that time was winning the Six Day Way going away. It is like being up in a football game 48 to zip in the 4th quarter and then having the football team going up in the stands and shooting their favorite fan in the head.

Except in this case, I think Lyndon Johnson was the coach of Israel and not just their best fan.

Here is why I know Lyndon Johnson ordered Israel to attack the USS Liberty and that the goal was to blame it on Egypt and justify the USA entering the Six Day War on the side of Israel so the USA could bomb and take out Nassar of Egypt: the nuclear loaded Strategic Air Wing at Beale Air Force Base in California went on alert between 3 1/2 and 1 1/2 hours BEFORE word supposedly got to Washington, DC that the USS Liberty had been attacked by unknown forces.

Only the orders of the President of the USA could have put that nuclear air unit on high level alert.

Author Peter Hounam's source for that blockbuster piece of information is Jim Nanjo who in 2002 was a (then) age 65 retired Air Force pilot. (I guess he would be age 75 in 2012.)

It was extremely rare for a strategic air wing to go on alert. It is like having a group of cocked and loaded nuclear cannons sitting on the tarmac, engines running, ready to take off and go any where in the world at a second's notice. It is quite a provocation and was only done at at time of extreme national security stress.

Retired pilot and B-52 captain Jim Nanjo says this red alert for his nuclear air unit was occurring between 2 and 4AM Pacific time. Word did not get to Washington, DC of the attack on the USS Liberty until 5:30 AM Pacific time or 8:30 AM Eastern time on the morning of June 8, 1967.

The USS Liberty was attacked at about 7:57 AM Eastern time by Israeli forces and they were doing their very best to sink that ship.

I highly recommend this extremely important book, "Operation Cyanide" (2002) by Peter Hounam.

The bottom line is there is absolutely no way Israel, who at the time was winning the Six Day War going away, would have done anything to jeopardize their very special relationship and friendship with the USA and especially with the ultra pro-Israel leader of the American state, Lyndon Johnson.

I think that Lyndon Johnson gave express orders for Israel to attack the USS Liberty and I think that Lyndon Johnson gave express orders for the Strategic Air Command to go on red alert 2 hours before the attack on the USS Liberty.