Photos of Oswald with a Rifle

Photo of Oswald holding a Rifle
documentary of 1963 technology photo fakery
clearly revealed through 2007 forensics technology
by Craig Mauer

But the 1979 HSCA found there was "no evidence of fakery in the photos."

Scene of the photos is Oswald's apartment at
214 West Neely Street, Dallas TX

Problems with the Photos
Head is too big in 133-A
Head size does not match with 133-B
Shadow of photos are in different directions
Oswald is leaning and would fall over
In 133-A right arm is too short
Fingernails of left hand are missing
Photo has wrist watch Oswald did not own
Holding a newspaper seems contrived
Clothes he allegedly wore were never found
Gun does not match the one found on the 6th Floor
Rifle length is too long
In 133-A rear end of scope is missing
Oswald's chin was pointed. Photo shows flat chin
A visible line shows face pasted above a visible line
The name face is on both bodies in 133-A and B
Shadow direction under nose do not match background.
133-A has bulge on left side of neck, but not 133-B
Collar size is 16, but Oswald had 14 inch column
Background of both 133-A and B are perfectly identical
Marina had no tripod and denied using ones

Who took the photo? 
First, Marina said she never saw the photos
then she said she never took the photos
then she may have taken one while doing the wash
then she said she may have taken two.

But three photos were found.
Marina could not identify the camera at the hearing.
Marina maintains Lee's innocence to this day.

Photos were allegedly taken March 31, 1963

FBI's Cheneyfeld said he could not identify the rifle in the photo
in 1963 Warren Commission

US Government study did not consider the non-matching chin

The negatives have never been made public
Photo was made with a camera better than the one Oswald had

Oswald's smile in 133-A was turned in to a 133-B frown
Only the mouth was changed without any other part of the face

Two photographs had same background, only with a tilt.

Perpetrators erred by only taking 1 background photo.
If they took 2 background photos it would be harder to detect fakery.
They tried to compensate by tipping the background photo.
This points to fakery by someone who had a photography lab.

It would have taken time to develop the fakes
It would have required a high tech photographic lab.

Marina rarely went to Oswald's apartment
and did all wash at her home in Irving.
They had no car.

Jack White's Graphics Analysis
Reported to House Special Committee on Assassinations

Photos were taken at Oswald's Apartment
but found planted at his wife's home in the garage
Marina Oswald initially denied knowing of the photos
then changed her story months later to agree with the Government

A third photo was allegedly given to Oswald's friend

George de Mohrenschildt
To my friend George from Lee Oswald, and the date “5/IV/63” [this is in non-USA convention with day in front and month in Roman numerals, and means 5 April 1963. It is worth noting that the US military uses the day/month/year format, though does not utilize Roman numerals.] [16] along with the words “Copyright Geo de M”' and a Russian phrase translated as “'Hunter of fascists, ha-ha-ha!” Handwriting specialists later concluded that the words “To my friend George…” and Oswald's signature were written by Lee Harvey Oswald but could not determine whether the rest was the writing of Lee Oswald, George de Mohrenschildt or Marina Oswald. Some historians have speculated the Russian line was written by Marina, in sarcasm. (George de Mohrenschildt in his memoir translated it as "This is the hunter of fascists, ha, ha, ha!" and also assumed that Marina had written it sarcastically).

More Information at JFK Lancer - Dartmouth Professor's analysis

Canadian Major John Pickford

Detective Malcolm Thompson - England
Institute of Incorporated Photographers

Jeffrey Crowley - England, Downing Court

In 1963, it would have taken the most advanced techniques they had at that time.

133-C showing a larger area