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Fund raiser for the non-profit activities of the
Association for John Kennedy Assassination Truth

Or, you can send a check made out to:
Charity International Corporation
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Attn: Rick Shaddock, AJKAT
1629 K Street NW
PO Box 71112
Washington, DC  20024

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We thank the donors so far
Payments posted every month or so

Site Date Donor


Amount Total
A 11/01/2014 Rick S   Kinkos copy shop C $40 $920
A 11/01/2014 Rick S.   11 months x $60
rent since 1/1/2013


$660 $660
A 11/01/2014 Rick S  Metro and cab
$10 x 20 visits
T $200 $880
A 11/01/2014 Rick S  Web site
11 months x $3/month
W $33 $1053

  Expenses budget categories
Full disclosure: How is the money spent?
Our expenses are thankfully quite low, as the staff is all volunteer,
yet there are some recurring expenses that donations help with

C Copying of brochures and info cards
O Office rent share - $60/month
T Transportation: Metro and cab to Capitol Hill
W Web site and email hosting

You can specify which budget area you would like to donate for