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JFK's assassins may have escaped Dealey Plaza through underground sewer lines

January 15, 6:26 PMConspiracy ExaminerShawn Hamilton
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One of the more interesting theories associated with the JFK assassination is the idea that at least some of the shooters and presumably their weapons and spent cartridges vanished through an underground sewer system that leads to the Trinity River. The first time I encountered the idea was in a 23-page document called "A Skeleton Key to the Gemstone File," a document that was spread hand-to-hand all over the world since 1975. The document turned out to have been written by Stephanie Caruana, who for a time collaborated with conspiracy researcher Mae Brussell, but Caruana's identity was not commonly known at the time. The Skeleton Key was distilled from a series of letters by a San Franciscan named Bruce Roberts who, for various reasons, had access to information to which the common citizen was not privy.


Behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll:  Assassins could have escaped Dealey Plaza through this sewer line, which leads to the Trinity River.

In the section that purports to lay out the details of the JFK assassination, the Key states, "Roselli shot Kennedy once hitting the right side of his head and blowing his brains out with a rifle from behind a fence in the grassy knoll area. Roselli and his timer went down a manhole behind the fence and followed the sewer line away from Dealey Plaza."


This was in print in 1975, yet it wasn't until the 90s that Tom Wilson, who perfected a industrial technique for detecting imperfections in steel called Photonics. He took the Mary Moorman photo which shows Kennedy's head at the moment it is being struck by a bullet, and from that Wilson could create an accurate three-dimensional model of Kennedy's head wound. What puzzled Wilson was that the trajectory seemed to be coming out of the ground, which didn't make sense. But after a visit to Dealey Plaza, Wilson realize the suggested path of the frontal missile lead directly to an open sewer along the motorcade route that would not only allow a shooter a shot from the front, bat also an easy underground escape. The theory was tested by Jack Brazil whose team verified that the underground system of tunnels was a perfect setup for assassins.

Jack Brazil examined underground sewer system JFK's killers may have used to escape Dealey Plaza.

Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA) director John Judge, a preeminent personage in the research community also believes the storm sewer theory. "I believe the fatal shot was from the storm sewer to the right front of the motorcade; so did Mae [Brussell] and Penn Jones. All the physical and forensic evidence and eyewitness accounts near or inside the limousine are consistent with the sewer shot from below. Penn Jones crawled through those pipes in the 60s and one direction leads down Elm and back to a vertical shaft that opens at the juncture of the picket fence on the Knoll and the railroad track abutment that crosses Elm as part of the Triple Underpass," Judge said. "If you pass that point it eventually leads down to the Trinity River plain. Penn also crossed Elm and went up the street in the opposite direction and the pipe ended at a grate into the basement of the Dallas Jail building. "Anybody in here?" he yelled. It was a good military location with good escape routes. One witness, Ed Hoffman, says he saw a man passing a rifle down into the vertical shaft shortly before the killing."  

A shooter stationed in this sewer line could have easily escaped Dealey Plaza underground. This storm drain is located to the front right of JFK's motorcade.

Apparently, despite whoever was shooting from the book depository, there were most likely two teams of shooters near the grassy knoll to Kennedy's front right: one in the sewer line near the curb and the other,"Badge Man" behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll. NOTE: There is a grate behind that picket fence that also allows acess to the sewer system that leads away from Dealey Plaza.

This year's COPA conference took place in Dallas from November 20 to 22 and was called "Open Secrets: The Political Assassinations of the '60's."
On November 23 at 7:00PM, veteran peace activist, John Judge, gave a talk entitled, “There Must Be Some Way Out of Here: The Rise of the Military Industrial Complex, Permanent War and the Future of Humanity.”
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