AJKAT does not offer a Forum of its own, since there are enough already,
but lists the forums with a grade for how well they bring out JFK Truth
and provide a forum of freedom of speech and reasonable debate
to accomplish a real, independent, criminal investigation of 11/22/1963.

Forum Description Comments
Deep Politics Forum JFK Assassination Forum Very good
JFK Assassination Forum on YouTube JFK Assassination Forum  
JFK Assassination Gallery Rob Unger's research photo gallery  
JFK Assassination Debate The Education Forum  
Murder Solved Forum JFK Murder Solved  
JFK Assassination Forum on FaceBook Facebook  
JFK Facts Includes list of Best JFK Web Sites Supported by Mary Ferrell Foundation
Alt.Assassination.JFK Google Groups  
JFK Assassination Forum on Amazon Amazon books site  
Let's Roll Forums - JFK Let's Roll Community Forums  
Veterans Today Forum Editor James Fetzer PhD  
Stone Zone Roger Stone  

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Constitution.org JFK   has broken links


JFK's assassination topic of Portsmouth forum

If you know of additional JFK related forums,
please let us know at info@AJKAT.ORg

Suggestion of the month: Join Toastmasters as a way to speak out about JFK