AJKAT Members
Business Card Sized Flyers

When we are on flights or at an airport, it is a good opportunity to recruit more members for AJKAT and JFK Truth.  A business card is easy to carry and a good conversation starter.  it is easy for the pilot to carry and to follow up on.

You can go to this web page and print them yourself for FREE.

For a more professional look, you can use these as a template, to print up cards at your local print shop, such as Kinkos.  you can print 250 of them for about $20.

Your Name
Your title
202-449-9500 fax


1629 K Street NW
Suite 306
Washington, DC 20006


Association for John Kennedy Assassination Truth
Lobbying Congress for a New Investigation of 11/22/1963

* Former CIA agent E. Howard Hunt confessed that he and LBJ were involved
* Books by Roger Stone and Barr McClellan describe LBJ's means and motives
* James Fetzer PhD and Gov. Jesse Ventura refute the Warren Commission
* 1979 House Special Committee on Assassinations concluded two gunmen
* Oliver Stone asks Why was JKF killed? Who benefited? Who could cover up?

8 Per Page AJKAT Card - Flyers
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Microsoft Word format
PDF Format

Go to the 8 Per Page Flyer page and print them

Or you can print them at a local copy shop

Cut the page in 1/2 vertically

Then cut the 4 cards horizontally

Print in color and cut at a local copy shop

Put them in your wallet for passing them out