James Swanson - Rick Shaddock Debate
Newseum TV Studio, Washington DC
November 22, 2013 - 50th anniversary of JFK's ambush

Newseum.org JFK Remembrance Day

James Swanson refuses to debate Jesse Ventura, Roger Stone, or Dr. Fetzer

www.youtube.com   (transcript below from 29 minute point)
Location: Knight TV Studio
Host: Frank Bond
Guest: James Swanson, author of End of Days

On Nov. 22, the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Newseum hosted "JFK Remembrance Day," featuring a number of daylong JFK-themed discussions with authors, journalists and filmmakers.

In this discussion, historian James Swanson, author of the new book "End of Days: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy" talked about the impact of that day.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HsHgyNA6_s#t=247 12:30 minute point

Transcript from 29:00 minute point:    Frank  James  Rick Rebuttal
If you could identify yourself, tell us where you're from, and fire away  
I'm Rick Shaddock with the Association for John Kennedy Assassination Truth, and... AJKAT.org
Uh oh! James is being challenged.
...on behalf of the 70% who believe in Physics, "back and to the left", and so on.
I know you are very careful in your research, and you want to bring out the truth to the American public. 
And in your pain taking research did you cover the 1979 House of Representatives Special Committee on Assassinations that determined with a great possibility, or probability, that quote "at least two gunmen were involved"
and you would..
I'm interested in your opinion on other book authors such as Jesse Ventura's "63 Reasons To Suspect A Conspiracy". 
Now the word "conspiracy" means "more than one person".
Um hum JS admits definition of conspiracy
So the House Special Committee on Assassination's official government body that investigated the assassinations of President Kennedy and Martin Luther King is a conspiracy theory,
It's a conspiracy theory!
The Official Conspiracy
and nothing since then has overturned the 1979 finding.
and in 1992...
Why don't I start answering your question
because you are about to make a statement.

Let's get to the House Select Committee
Little more than a fraud - and overturned
Unlike you say, it has been overturned.
Here's what the Congress did
JS simply declares a 3 year investigation by Congressmen "overturned" but it was never overturned by any official body.
The LBJ/Warren Commission was officially overturned by the HSCA.
When was that?  
By reason and fact, is how it has been overturned By reason and fact it has not been overturned.
So nothing official  
What you say is simple false.
Here's what the House Select Committee said
"We don't really have the evidence.  We don't really have the proof.  We don't have the names. We don't know how it happened.  Be think there probably was a conspiracy.
That is not what the HSCA said, as JS tries to over simplify.
and much of what they said was made from a bogus tape recording, reportedly from a police motorcycle, that supposedly recorded additional shots
until a rock musician drummer in Ohio listened to this and said "I hear other things"  That's not a recording of the assassination."
It has been conclusively proven that that tape does not records the assassination or additional shots.
The acoustical evidence was just one of many items of evidence that the HSCA considered.  JS attacks the weakest link, and ignores the Zapruder Film.
That tape was made later.
It does not record the assassination
Primarily the House Select Committee replied on that recording for its erroneous conclusion.
I consider the House Select Committee's conclusion that "there probably was a conspiracy" - ridiculous
The House Select Committee also considered many other factors, including JFKs head going back and to the left.
In terms of the other conspiracy books
No only have I read Jesse Ventura's
I own every one of them
I have read every one of them.
I have studied them for years. 
They are all wrong
We would have to take JS's word for it, but he has not written any rebuttal to Jesse Ventura or others.  He just touts the Lone Gunman theory.
Conspiracy theories have been part of American history for hundreds of years.
We resort to them in times of trouble or bizarre episodes.
We try to solve crimes, even if they involve more than one person.
Many conspiracy theorists believe in a singularity
By the singularity I mean: there's a secret world below the surface
JS tries to ridicule anyone who thinks more than one person can commit a crime
And that hidden world of conspirators has killed Kennedy Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy. Not hidden. LBJ was quite obvious
Many of the Kennedy conspiracy theorists believe the same conspiracists are behind 9/11
And that Americans, and the conspirators who killed Kennedy perpetrated 9/11
JS tries to link with other topics that are in dispute
Conspiracy theorists talk about the "magic bullet".  It's a lie.
There is no perfect, pristine bullet.
If you actually look at the bullet,
it has been flattened into an ovaline shape by the impact against he men
The bullet may not be perfect, but does not have enough taken out of it, or deformed enough to have gone through two men and create over 5 wounds.
The nose of the bullet has some damage Some very small damage
So if the a Conspiracy theorist tells you the bullet is pristine, it's simply a lie It is false JS tries to train the audience
I've read all these books
I've studied them for years
and there's no proof
We have no proof JS read the books, other than to try to discredit them.
Well there are photographs of the bullet
We are going to have to move on because we are going to try to get as many of these as we can.  
If I could ask, would you willing to have a radio interview discussion with Jesse Ventura, Roger Stone, or Dr. James Fetzer... If JS is confident he will debate
No you can't argue with those who have a religious faith in something that cannot be proven.  The Conspiracy theorists... JS chickens out of a debate.
He is the one with religious faith
and frankly, it is almost obscene in my opinion, on this of all days, to discuss these conspiracy theories.
This is a day when a wife lost her husband
Two little children lost their father
America lost a president
JS is the one who is discussing theories about how JFK was killed on this day.  Are we all supposed to shut up and just mourn   He's selling books on this day about it..
There is no proof of a conspiracy
There is no proof Oswald did it
The evidence against Oswald is overwhelming The evidence against LBJ is overwhelming if anything
Whatever else happened or didn't happened
He was in that window
He fired those shots
JS asserts without proof the tired old LHO theory.
10 people saw the rifle barrel outside the window
3 people who sat below Oswald in the 5th floor windows
heard 3 shots above their heads
They heard the rifle bolt open and close
They hear the 3 empty brass cartridge cases bounce off the floor above their heads.
And while it was happening, they said:
"Hey man, someone is shooting at the President right above our heads"
The 10 people did not see Oswald, and it was probably Malcolm Wallace, LBJs sharp shooter whose fingerprints were found on the boxes.
We could speak for hours about why everything you have just said is false.
But we should take another question.


We could speak for hours on how everything JS said was false.
Thank you.  

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We ask that the Newseum invite a speaker at the 51st Anniversary on November 22, 2014, who speaks about the side of the JFK issue that most Americans support.

Newseum invited author James Swanson for the 50th anniversary of JFK's death, who promotes the Lone Gunman theory, even though his book is much lower in Amazon's Best Sellers Rank for books (368,703) than Roger Stone's (17,758), Jesse Ventura's (32,875), Philip Nelson's (71,470), or Vince Palmara's (349,700).

1) The Man Who Killed Kennedy: The Case Against LBJ by Roger Stone
Rank: #17,758 (20 times higher rank)

2) They Killed our President: 63 Reasons to Believe There Was a Conspiracy by Jesse Ventura
Rank: #32,875 in Books (10 times higher rank)

3) LBJ: The Mastermind of the JFK Assassination by Philip Nelson
Rank: #71,470 (5 times higher rank)

4) Survivor's Guilt: The Secret Service and Failure to Protect President by Vincent Palamara
Rank: #349,700 (better rank)

5) End of Days (promotes official story of JFK) by James Swanson
Rank: #368,703 (lowest rank)


Newseum: How about inviting Jesse Venture or Roger Stone to speak this year on the 51st anniversary?

Newseum has removed this link to Swanson's talk.


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