LBJ killed JFK

Many say that "LBJ would kill to be President."
He already had several people killed before 1960,
shot by marksman Malcolm Wallace, who JFK had enabled to get free
from the murder of John Kinser, Henry Marshall, and possibly more.

LBJ sought the Vice Presidency, a ceremonial position of less power
with the blackmailing help of FBI Chief Edgar G. Hoover,
only because he was now just a bullet away from being President

Barr McClellan

Why was JFK killed?
Who had the motive and opportunity?
Who benefited?
Who changed things after his death?
Who had the power to do it?
Who had the power to cover it up?

Lyndon Baynes Johnson was a political rival of John F. Kennedy.
Kennedy appointed him his running mate ostensibly to "unify the Democratic Party"

But LBJ became VP under threat of exposing Kennedy's lady friends
by LBJ with the help of FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

JFK and RFK debated what to do for hours, according to his secretary Mrs. Lincoln.
It was the wrong decision, to appoint an enemy as a possible successor.
LBJ took the opportunity and had JFK killed to become President.

On the night before November 22, 1963 LBJ told his mistress:
"Those SOB's will never embarrass me again. 
That's not a threat.  That's a promise." 

LBJ often referred to the Kennedy's as the "Irish Mafia"

Johnson appointed the Warren Commission to investigate who he had killed.

The day after Kennedy's burial
Johnson issued Executive Order 273
reversing Kennedy's Order 263 to pull out of Vietnam
thus beginning the War in Vietnam
and giving the military industrial complex what it wanted
billions in defense spending on a long, unwinable war

Lyndon B. Johnson
Congressman Albert Thomas winks at LBJ as if to say "we won!"
LBJ insisted that Jackie Kennedy be photographed by his side with Lady Bird as he was sworn in as President on Air Force One. 
LBJ made sexual comments disrespectful to her and JFK, and referred to the Kennedy's as the "Irish Mafia" 

Malcolm "Mac" Wallace's fingerprints were on the gun

Malcolm "Mac" Wallace
image 1

Edwardo Clark
Clifton Carter, aide

RFK to LBJ: "Why did you have my brother killed?"


LBJ orders JFK's possessions out of White House
in a hurry by 9:00 am the day after his assassination.
LBJ showed no regrets and was in a hurry to be President.

President Johnson orders the possessions of the late President John F. Kennedy out of the White House on the morning after the assassination

Madeleine Brown
Lyndon Johnson's mistress
Mother of his illegitimate son Steven.

"Lyndon Johnson told me, because he was angry,
that the Kennedy's would never embarrass him again.
That is not a threat.  That is a promise."

He hated them with a passion.  They were stumbling blocks to him.
He had always seeked the presidency of the United States
and John Kennedy definitely had become a stumbling block to him."

Did Johnson have reason to believe that John F. Kennedy was going to be assassinated?
"The American people need to know what actually happened during those years."

LBJ knew who they were.
"They were the oil people, and the CIA had caused the assassination."

Madeleine Brown speaks on the
The Clint Murchison Meeting of
November 21, 1963
the night before JFK's assassination.

Jean Hill on day of assassination Jean Hill in 1992 video

From "JFK The Last Dissenting Witness"

LBJ started ducking down in his car 30 or 40 seconds before the first shots were fired.
He ducked down before they turned on to Elm Street.

After Kennedy's plane landed, while he was shaking hands.
Johnson gave him instructions, the parade route was being changed.
It was going Main street, but to go to Houston, then on to Elm.
On Main Street, JFK would have been out of range.

They put the police in the there would be no forward escorts.

Johnson was supposed to be in the car, right behind Kennedy's
but they put an extra Secret Service car between them.
How the LBJ and the Secret Service set up JFK

LBJ Benefited the most from JFK assassination  - Roger Stone speaks
LBJ benefited the most from the assassination of President Kennedy. We now know without doubt that the Zapruder film was forged, the autopsy ...

LBJ questions JFK Warren Report-CBS

Were international interests ignored in the JFK murder? LBJ confession in 1969 of a possible "conspiracy".
CBS censored it for awhile, by White ...

Expose on LBJ

Madeleine and her son, Stephen Mark Brown. Stephen Mark Brown (1949-1990). The unacknowledged son of President Johnson.

Stephen Mark Brown (1949-1990). The unacknowledged son of President Johnson.
After trying to sue LBJ estate in 1987, arrested by military officers
taken to a hospital for unknown tests and confined to a hospital
until he died of lymphatic cancer in 1990.

Madeleine Duncan Brown was Johnson's mistress, mother of his son Steven Mark Brown, out of wedlock, and implicated LBJ in the JFK assassination. Steven filed a law suit against the LBJ estate in 1987 but was taken into military custody, unable to attend the hearing, and confined to hospitals, and drugged until he died of cancer in 1990.

One of the first things that LBJ did when he got to Washington was to find out what the House Ways and Means Committee did that day.  He was concerned that they were preparing to indict him, about kick backs in the agricultural programs.

Jenkins was going to testify against LBJ, so they slandered him.

Henry Marshall was going to testify against LBJ, and was found and "killed himself" - 5 times with a rifle.

Madeleine's colored nanny Dell Turner saw LBJ hugging.  Madeleine said LBJ said "accidents don't happen.", and somehow disappeared.   Mac Wallace reportedly killed her too.

LBJ "had no qualms about death.  No matter what it took, he did it."

LBJ Stole the Texas Senate election with the Box 13 Scandal in 1948
over "Coke" Stephenson

Precinct 13 had election ballots which appeared to be in the same handwriting.
This is a photo of the group that helped forge the ballots.

Lyndon Johnson

The mastermind behind the murder of JFK

Unknown to the general American public and never mentioned in history books is the fact that a Texas Grand Jury has officially indicted and found Lyndon Johnson guilty as a co-conspirator (from his association with Malcolm Wallace, Billie Sol Estes and Edward Clark) in the following nine (9) murders:

LBJ had JFK killed to become President

Petition to remove "Lyndon's Johnson" Memorial
from public land next to the Pentagon

Lyndon's Johnson Memorial