In 1964
Lyndon Johnson's picked Warren Commission
including Allen Dulles (CIA Director fired by JFK)
with no scientists or modern forensics techniques

LBJ's Commission
concluded there was 1 gunman, 3 shots

In 1979
using more advanced forensics technology
and access to the Zapruder Film, the Official
US House Select Committee on Assassinations

House Special Committee
concluded there were 2 gunmen, 4 shots

LBJ's Lone Gunman Theory

Official Conspiracy Theory
"The committee believes, on the basis of the evidence available to it, that President JFK was probably assassinated as the result of a conspiracy." - HSCA Report

The official U.S. Government conclusion is that there WAS a conspiracy, and
"scientific acoustical evidence establishes a high probability that two gunmen
fired at President John F. Kennedy".

House Joint Resolution 454
House Government Operations Subcommittee  April 28, 1992   
"Provide for the expeditious disclosure of records relevant to the assassination of President John F. Kennedy"
Congressman John Conyers, D-Michigan  Chairman
Congressman Frank Horton, R-NY
Oliver Stone speaks to Congress about his movie JFK

Still there are records that will not be released until 2029!
History Channel:

Some Links to various web sites with different points of view
that you can use to host your own JFK Truth Awareness event
and decide for yourself what really happened.

  1. Why was JFK killed?
2. Who benefited?
3. Who had the power to cover it up?

The Guilty Men, History Channel, Lyndon Baynes Johnson (JBJ)
History of "Lying Lyndon" who "would win, whatever the cost."
1984 Franklin Texas, Billy Celestes appeared before a Grand Jury implicating LBJ of 8 murders, including the murder President J. F. Kennedy.
LBJ's attorney, Barr McClellan, wrote How LBJ Killed JFK.   Backup
"I know beyond a reasonable doubt that Johnson murdered Kennedy."

Barr McClellan
LBJ's attorney

Jesse Ventura

Jesse Ventura Exposes the JFK Assassination Conspiracy
on Tru.TV's Conspiracy Theory show
Even after over 47 years, Jesse Ventura won't give up knowing the Truth of what happened to our President. On his TV show, we hear the death bed confession of CIA's E. Howard Hunt, implicating Lyndon B. Johnson as a key member of the conspiracy to kill JFK.  Hunt, the convicted Watergate burglar, stole documents showing Nixon was in Dallas at the time of the JFK murder.
Everette Howard Hunt
Malcolm Wallace: LBJ's friend, sharp shooter, and convicted murderer
In 1951 Senator LBJ influenced the Judge to help Malcolm Wallace get off of a confessed murder charge with just a 5 year sentence.  In 1961 Wallace killed Henry Marshall who was investigating LBJ and "committed suicide" - with 5 rifle shots?  In 1963, Wallace's fingerprint was found on a box on the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository, but it was not in the Warren Commission Report.  Replicate this site from ViewZone

Malcolm "Mac" Wallace
Malcolm's fingerprints on
a box in the sniper's nest


Backup videos

1. "The Coup D'Etat" (1988)
2. "The Forces Of Darkness" (1988)
3. "The Cover-Up" (1991)
4. "The Patsy" (1991)
5. "The Witnesses" (1991)
6. "The Truth Shall Set You Free" (1995)
7. "The Smoking Guns" (2003)
8. "The Love Affair" (2003)
9. "The Guilty Men" (2003) (banned)

The History Channel
series by Nigel Turner

James H. Fetzer, PhD.  Professor Emeritus, University of Minnesota,
Author: Assassination Science, Murder in Dealey Plaza, The Great Zapruder Film Hoax, and numerous publications about JFK.  One of the leading experts.
Article: What We Know Now That We Didn't Know Then
Radio interview:
Treachery in Dallas Professor Walt Brown, PhD - one of the leading experts on JFK.  He is currently working on a definitive Chronology.
Former Special Agent with the US Department of Justice.  Author of:
Treachery in Dallas - explains how JFK was shot
Warren Omission - shortcomings of the official Warren Commission
The People v. Lee. Harvey Oswald - hypothetical trial if Ruby did not kill him
Featured in The Men Who Killed Kennedy, Episode 9
JFK Deep Politics Quarterly  Subscribe for latest updates

The JFK Conspiracy
with James Earl Jones and Oliver Stone
Interviewing: Perry Russo, Fletcher Prouty, Jean Hill (lady in red), Peter Dale Scott, Victor Marchetti (Exec. Asst. to CIA Dir. Richard Helms.  Said Lee Oswald was a "Dangle", probably with Office of Naval Intelligence), Ron Lewis (LHO friend), Lou Ivon, Ralph Schoenman, John Judge, Daniel Sheehan, Major John Newman, Colonel Oleg Nechiporenko (KGB), Dr. Cyril Wecht MD, Dr. Charles Crenshaw.  Timed recreation of alleged LHO route.


JFK - Jim Garrison Vindicated Clay Shaw WAS Clay Bertrand And WAS CIA

Hon. Jim Garrison
Judge and District of Attorney, New Orleans
Part 1 -  3  On WDSU-TV NBC
"Warren Commission was a fairy tale."
"The single assassin theory is totally impossible."
Jim Garrison on the Johnny Carson Show
Jim Garrison interview from 1976
Storm Drain Tunnel - the Man Hole Cover Up
Perfect for the Final Shot and escape route through the sewer.
Why was it never mentioned in the Warren Commission report?  Dealey Plaza was an ideal location for an ambush. 
Alleged assassin in this position was John Roselli.
Who chose this route for JFK?  Article by Shawn Hamilton

Part 1

The Alex Jones Channel
Jesse Ventura (2003 Minnesota Governor) talks with Alex Jones About Government Harassment of His TV Show, Conspiracy Theories on TruTV cable channel.
He was denied the right, by an Army officer, to be filmed standing by the Eternal Flame, as Kevin Costner was.

Part 2
E. Howard Hunt, CIA "Group 40" operative and Watergate burglar, implicates Lyndon Johnson in plot to kill John F. Kennedy in talk given to his son St. John Hunt. 
April 3, 2005 killing JFK was "a tempting and logical move on his (LBJ) part."
Alleges that CIA assassin team head Bill Harvey was involved in "The Big Event" and David Sanchez Morales.  Part 2
E. Howard Hunt's Death bed confession to being involved in the JFK Assassination as told to his son Saint John Hunt.
JFK Assassination Chain of Command:
LBJ - Cord Meyer - David Morales - Bill Harvey - French Gunman Grassy Knoll

Cord Meyer - LBJ's Master Mind of the Murder of JFK - and his ex-wife
CIA's "genius of covert operations"
In 2007 the son of former CIA agent and Watergate figure E. Howard Hunt came forward with recordings and other documentation in which his father, on his death bed, claimed Meyer, William King Harvey, Frank Sturgis, and David Sanchez Morales organized the assassination of John F. Kennedy at the behest of then Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson. The audio recordings contain further allegations that prior to the assassination, JFK had taken Meyer's ex-wife as one of his mistresses. - Wikipedia  After the divorce, on 12-Oct-1964, Mary Pinchot Meyer was mysteriously shot while walking a path near DC.  A black man was quickly charged but then found not guilty.  The murder remains unsolved.

Impossible: The Case Against Lee Harvey Oswald
by Barry Krusch
5 shells were found at the 6th Floor TSBD
(not 3 according to the official story)
and 2 were given to the FBI
Executive Action (1973)   IMDB info
Starring Burt Lancaster
Movie about a plausible theory, showing the planning of the assassination of JFK by a powerful group.
JFK   (trailer)   Movie by Oliver Stone
National Press Club speech

Mr. X (Colonel Fletcher Prouty) meets Jim Garrison and asks in questions from their correspondence:
Why was JFK killed?
Who benefited?
Who had the power to cover it up?

Oliver Stone's

Dramatization of events
and hit men

Disappearing Witnesses by Penn Jones Jr.
Over 1000 murders, suicides, and mysterious deaths -- the strange fate of those who saw Kennedy shot.  Plus those like Officer Buddy Walthers, reporter Dorothy Killgallen, and coroner Nicholas Chetta MD, who investigated it.



Latest news and research
Lancer was JFK's Secret Service code name

Larry Hancock SWHT cover Someone Would Have Talked: The Assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Conspiracy to Mislead History by Larry Hancock

Someone Would Have Talked goes beyond proving a conspiracy to murder JFK. Over 14.000 documents, White House diaries, telephone logs, and executive tape recordings detail how the new President Lyndon B. Johnson managed a cover-up that changed the future of our country.

Who Killed JFK?  - American Expose by Pulitzer Prize winner Jack Anderson in Oct 28, 1988
Focuses on Mafia motives to kill JFK, backed by Castro.
Included poll to open a new investigation: 209934 Yes, 3244 No
Jack Anderson theorizes that LBJ did not want to implicate Castro or Russia.
JFK: The Mysterious Death of Number Thirty-Five, Part One JFK: The Mysterious Death of Number Thirty-Five  
JFK Assassination-A new look at the evidence part 1 JFK Assassination-A new look at the evidence  
JFK assassination: Secret Service Standdown JFK assassination: Secret Service Standdown  
View from Texas School Book Depository Sixth Floor
with tree blocking the view.

Photos of Oswald holding a Rifle
documentary of 1963 technology photo fakery revealed through 2007 forensics technology
The HSCA at least considered the possibility of fakery, but not the mismatching chin, head size, missing fingernails, and other details.  The head is exactly the same on 3 photos, highly improbable.  The background of 3 photos has been tipped to give the appearance of separate photos. 
Rifle Photos taken at Oswald's former apartment  Special Report on Back Yard Photos

Googling for the Truth
Lee Harvey Oswald's Alleged Route
From Texas School Book Depository
Through scene of Tippit's Murder
To arrest at the Texas Theatre
Oswald in New Orleans
with links and thanks to Google Maps

Evidence of Revision
Excellent documentary, simply using the same day broadcasts and rarely seen interviews, so you can see for yourself who did it.  Example: Walter Cronkite first announces it was a German Mauser rifle. The next day he corrects it be the Italian rifle, to match rifle found at Oswald's.


  First the rifle was a .765 Mauser
then it was magically changed to
Italian Mannlicher-Carcano to match what Oswald had, and the 2 shells (stated 3) which was not an accurate gun, and its sight was not set properly
What happened to the Mauser?

JFK - Case for Conspiracy

  Forum for Open Debate on the Kennedy Assassination  
view from the grassy knoll Grassy Knoll

Grassy Knoll Institute blog

51 Witnesses, including Police Officers
Said they heard shots from the Grassy Knoll  
Thumbnail Rush to Judgment
by Mark Lane
Two Men in Dallas
Roger Craig Officer Roger Craig
Dallas County Sheriff Deputy
Sheriff Office 1960 "Man of the Year"
Helped Jim Garrison with investigations
Many attempts were made on Roger's life for speaking the truty.
When They Kill A President

Two Men In Dallas

Fired when he spoke out.
Survived multiple murder attempts
including car bomb, and being forced off a cliff by another car.
Committed Suicide holding a rifle to his chest at age 39 in 1975.

Dealey Plaza Cam

See the sight from the 6th Floor of the Texas Book Depository as it looks right now. Can you imagine hitting a moving target so far away 2 out of 3 times?

RFK to LBJ: "Why did you have my brother killed ?" RFK to LBJ:
"Why did you have my brother killed?"

LBJ orders JFK's possessions out of White House

LBJ orders JFK's possessions out of White House
Did LBJ "let" JFK die ? Madeleine Brown
Lyndon Johnson's mistress
Mother of his "illegitimate" son Steve
Says LBJ knew the assassins and when it would occur, and did not warn JFK.

When Steve spoke out about his being LBJ's son, he was arrested, disappeared, put in a mental hospital, given drugs, and died of "natural" leukemia.

LBJ's Mistress Blows Whistle On JFK Assassination
Jean Hill in Zapruder Film JFK The Last Dissenting Witness
Jean Hill: The Lady in Red
Says that LBJ ducked before she heard 4 or 5 shots
She was interviewed  The JFK Conspiracy
LBJ Benefited the most from JFK assassination LBJ benefited most from JFK's assassination

His friend Malcolm Wallace's fingerprints were found on the 6th floor of the Book depository. 
Attorney Edwin Clark was involved in organizing the JFK to benefit himself and LBJ.

image 1

JFK assassination truth part 1/3 JFK Assassination part 1 of 2
Standard procedures were not followed
Driver braked, and was not questioned by Warren Commission
JFK Reloaded- Over 700 points!!! 739 out of 1000 JFK Reloaded
Video game you can use to re-create and analyze the scene with different angles and scenarios.
The Two Men in the Window Two Men in the Window
Kennedy Assassin Seen in Tree | Nostradamus Prediction Kennedy Assassin Seen in Tree | Nostradamus Prediction  
Discovery JFK assassination
Madeleine Brown speaks on the
meeting at Clint Murchison's mansion
November 21, 1963
the night before JFK's assassination,
strongly implicating LBJ in several murders.
The Impeachment of LBJ - Nov22nd The Impeachment of LBJ - Nov22 1963
Johnson was under investigation for corruption.
The investigation went away when he was President.
Don Reynolds arrived with papers for the Rules Committee


The Men on the Sixth Floor
by Glen Sample and Mark Collom

Court House
Franklin, Texas
Trial of Sol Estes
Officially implicated LBJ in the murder of JFK
by Billie Sol Estes
Lyndon B. Johnson, John F. Kennedy
and the Great American Coup d'Etat
of November 22, 1963
by L. Fletcher Prouty
Prouty: Dallas Motorcade lacked Protection
Gary Shaw & John Stockwell: JFK Assassination Cover-Up (Part 1) Gary Shaw & John Stockwell  Investigative reporters
Co-author JFK Conspiracy of Silence and Cover Up
Comments on
US House Select Committee on Assassinations
Concluded a conspiracy of at least 2 gunmen in 1979
Cleared Soviet Union, Cuba, CIA, USSS
JFK Assassination: United States House Select Committee on Assassinations
JFK assassination Lee Harvey Oswald daughter June Oswald interview JFK assassination Lee Harvey Oswald's daughter
June Oswald
Rachel Oswald Porter
"I just want to find out the truth of what happened."
JFK assassination Lee Harvey Oswald daughter Rachel Oswald Porter Interview
Marine Oswald interview Marina Oswald Porter wife of Lee Harvey Oswald
Her father was in Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs
Says she was forced by Government officials to cooperate in implicating her husband.
On Opra Winfrey: Lee "did not hate President Kennedy"

MARINA: Oswald didn't kill ANYONE

Chauncey Holt - the "Third Tramp"
Spooks, Hoods & The Hidden Elite
Chauncey identifies Charles Harrelson (father of the actor) as the 2nd tramp and Charles Rogers (a.k.a. Richard Montoya) as the 1st. (Third tramp was not E. Howard Hunt.)  They arrested then released without record shortly after the assassination of JFK.  Chauncey brought false Secret Service badges.  The tramps may have been sent there to be potential patsies.
Hitman Charles Harrelson on the assassination of JFK
Did Oswald have time to make it to the Tippit murder scene ? Did Oswald have time to make it to the Tippit murder scene?
Unsolved History TV
1:00 pm 1026 North Beckley, Oak Cliff
where Tippit was shot
JFK Could Oswald have walked the distance?
JFK assassination JD Tippit murder witness interviews

Domingo Benavides
JD Tippet murder witness

JFK Assassination Was witness Lee Bowers murdered? Lee Bowers - another of the many JFK witness assassinations
From Railroad Tower behind the fence he saw a man with a rifle
His finger was cut off by someone he would not say.
Then he was murdered by being drugged then driven off the road.
No autopsy.  Missing death certificate.
JFK Assassination Witnesses who say a shot and smoke came from behind the picket fence
Gregory Burnham
Shows evidence of tampering with the Zapruder Film
and many other topics
16 Questions on the Assassination - by Bertrand Russel
George H. W. Bush connections to JFK assassination
Bush took a flight from Dallas to Houston, and made a suspicious call to the FBI, claiming he was not in Dallas.

LBJ before the JFK Assassination "Those SOB's will never embarrass me again"

Alex Jones of

New JFK movie with Leonardon DiCaprio - Legacy of Secrecy and Smoke Screen
This upcoming movie for 2013 is based on rumors that a Mafia man confessed to killing JFK in a book by Government funded authors Lamar Waldron and Thom Hartmann. The real perpetrators, those who came in to power after JFK's death, had over 40 years to fabricate "declassified documents" - convenient disinformation showing that the Mafia did it.  Why would the FBI protect the Mafia?  Could the Mafia tell the Secret Service not to ride on the bumper of the limousine?  Could the Mafia set up Oswald?  Why would the Mafia want to kill JFK who was trying to open up Cuba s they could re-open the casinos?
"Legacy of Secrecy"

Just Smoke Screen
to get the public
to focus on the Mafia
and away from

Vince Palamara's Blog Site on the U.S. Secret Service
Called Secret Service staff and got the record straight that JFK did not ask the SS to stand down. Someone else did.

Marguerite Oswald - Lee Harvey Oswald's mother
She spent the rest of her life speaking out the truth of his innocence
She read Lee's letters - showing no indication of dislike for JFK or America.

The Trial of Lee Harvey Oswald  (1977 made-for-television movie)
Drama providing more information about Lee and Marie Oswald
starring Lorn Greene as his attorney and Ben Gazara as the prosecuting attorney
Showed what might happen if Oswald lived and was given a fair trial.  Wikipedia
On Trial: Lee Harvey Oswald  parts 1 - 30
Attorneys Vincent Bugliosi vs. Gerry Spence argue both sides on this made-for-television "docu-trial" that aired on Showtime November 22, 1986.

The Kennedy Assassination: Beyond Conspiracy  (ABC-TV)  2003 40 year show  10 parts
Peter Jennings parrots the official story, presenting only what supports it, earning his pay check from main stream media.  They show hundreds going towards the Grassy Knoll, but don't mention the obvious significance.  ABC eliminates anything that contradicts the "lone gunman" theory. Nothing about differing caskets.  Says that David Ferrie "died of natural causes" (brain hemorrhage is natural?)   Peter uses the bogus "we want to believe that a great man is brought down by a big group" argument.

JFK'S Assassination (WFAA-TV Coverage)
Same day coverage on November 22, 1963 by the Dallas station.
image 1

Ruth Hyde Paine - family and friend ties to the CIA.   Educated at prestigious Swarthmore College.  Fluent in Russian.  Became a house wife.  Her tax returns, and her husband's, are classified.  She was introduced to Marina Oswald by George De Mohrenschildt (Lee Harvey Oswald's rich handler, who committed "suicide" before being called to testify) and let her move in her house, converting her garage into an apartment. She found Lee his job in Texas School Book Depository. Ruth's sister was a staff psychologist for the CIA (both sisters are analysts).  Ruth's father "gathered intelligence for the CIA" (The Confessions of Ruth Paine by Steve Jones).  Police found numerous index cards about pro-Castro sympathizers in her home. (Just a hobby?) She was instrumental in getting out the "official story" of Lee's psychological profile, and presenting him as hostile, for example in her 1963 interview and 2003 interview.  Lee called her twice to get a lawyer for him, but she "tried" and failed to do so.   Numerous "coincidences".  more info

Ruth, a children's school
psychologist, responds with
nervous laughter when
Atty. Gerry Spence
asks if she ever
worked for the CIA
in the
1986 Lee H.
Oswald Hearings.

Thomas Mallon's book: "Mrs. Paine's Garage"
It is odd that LHO would live separately from his wife and 2 daughters in the same city.  He had a ride to the Texas School Book Depository, and it was not far.  Lee spent a lot of precious money for the expense of a separate apartment.  We are supposed to believe it was to save time.  It was not even that near to TSBD.  He could have stayed at the Paines', and indeed did so on weekends.  Why was Lee so busy in the month prior to 11/22/63?

Mark Lane interviews J.C. Price, who was on the roof of a nearby building at the time of the JFK murder and had a clear view of Dealey Plaza and the picket fence area.He saw the shooter run from the fence towards the rear of the TSBD building.For some reason he was not interviewed by the Warren Comission.  

John Elrod was a suspect in the JFK shooting, and found innocent,
yet shared a cell with Lee Harvey Oswald.  They had the chance to talk.
Lee told John that he knew Jack Ruby, and was at a meeting regarding gun running.
The Warren and House investigations never knew Oswald knew Ruby.

  Various links

The Umbrella Man  (more info)
Theory that he was a signal to start shooting, or had a gun hidden in the umbrella.    
Louie Steven Witt testified in 1978 at the HSCA and gave the (far fetched) explanation that it was a symbol of protest.  He claimed to have talked to no one, but was photographed sitting next to the Dark-Complected Man.  However, his story seems to check out.
More research at:
The Girl On The Stairs: My Search For A Missing Witness To The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy The Girl On The Stairs: My Search For A Missing Witness To The Assassination Of John F. Kennedy   by Barry Ernst
On November 22, 1963, a young Victoria Elizabeth Adams stood behind a fourth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository in Dallas. She watched as John Kennedy was murdered in the streets below. Then, with a co-worker in tow, she ran down the back stairs of the building in order to get outside and determine what had happened.  She never saw anyone or Lee Harvey Oswald coming down from the 6th floor.  She was ignored and discredited by the Warren Commission.
Transcript of her testimony to the police
The Men on the Sixth Floor The Men on the Sixth Floor
Loy Factor, one of the main characters, admitted his involvement on the sixth floor of the Dallas School Book Depository the day JFK was killed. He was questioned in his home by Sample and friends, including Mark, who knew of Loy when they both served time in prison together. Loy was a skilled marksman and other's knew of him, including one of Lyndon Johnson's close friends, Malcolm (Mac) E. Wallace. Loy, a simple man, was soon cajoled by Wallace to participate in one of the most dreadfully shocking plots of our time with a guarantee of $10,000 pay if he did what he was told.
Police Honor Man Who Led Them To Lee Harvey Oswald
Perpetuating the myth.


image 1

Covers Rose Cheramie, who warned of the assassination in Dallas.
She was thrown out of a car in Louisiana, and told doctors the 2 men were on their way to Dallas.  She tried to tell the doctors.

Professor Mark Weiss
HSCA "it is our opinion that, as a result of very careful analysis, it appears that with a probability of 95% or better, there was indeed a shot fired from the Grassy Knoll."
Gordon Arnold
Saw "CIA Man" behind the picket fence on the Grassy Knoll.  He took a movie, which was confiscated by "Badge Man".
JFK Assassination Update   14 parts
Author of "Cover-Up," Gary Shaw takes us step by step through the shooting of John Kennedy and the subsequent cover-up. We provide updated information since our previous program with Gary in 1978. The show is highly documented with the use of films, slides, pictures and diagrams which thoroughly discredit the Warren Commission Report and prove that there was an elaborate conspiracy with many people and multiple gunmen.
Bill O'Reilly
Lyndon Johnson and the CIA murdered John Kennedy in the 1963 Coup d'Etat

Analysis by Robert Morrow
Johnson and the U.S.S. Liberty attack

Amazon - JFK Assassination - Best books to understand 1963 Coup d'Etat

  LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination by Phillip Nelson LBJ: The Mastermind of JFK's Assassination
Lee Oswald in custody for killing JFK Kennedy Assassination Home Page
Lots of good and interesting articles by John McAdams


Bill Hicks - JFK Bill Hicks on JFK
Comedian making a point
Ridicules the official story
JFK Assassination with Jerry Orbach

Nurse Phyllis Hall
Worked in Parkland Hospital during JFK emergency room
CIA and FBI required special clearance and debriefing
She confirms the part of head JFK was shot
She also treated pregnant Mrs. Lee H. Oswald
and Jack Ruby   by SixFloorMuseum
She believes there was more than one shooter
because there was such a large exit wound.
"The body was tampered with."
Donald A. Adams A retired FBI Agent and Police Chief, who was one of the original investigators in Dallas examining the JFK assassination, stumbles upon records and reports that were doctored. He knows that, because he filed the original reports. His decade long investigation would take him deep into history and to the National Archives and beyond. Step by step he says he learned and can prove that Oswald did not kill JFK.  Exonerates Lee Harvey Oswald.  Implicates J.A. Milteer.  Confirms Mauser was found.  Counts 11 shots.  
Secret Service Agent Clint Hill  speaks out (with contradictions)
He was Mrs. Jackie Kennedy's body guard.
Lies about JFK asking SS to be off the limo bumpers
He confirms location of head wound, but says it was the bullet "entry" while motioning that fragments went backwards "and on to myself" (quite a contradiction)  6:00 minute point  
  JFK to 9/11 is a Rich Man's Trick  

USMCRick.jpg (84908 bytes)
Sgt. Lee Harvey Oswald, USMC

There are many reasons to doubt that he acted alone or did it.

1963-4 Warren Commission has many critics of its 1 gunman theory.
1997 House Special Committee on Assassinations concluded 4 shots, 2 gun men
He volunteered for the United States Marine Corps on his 17th birthday.
Lee Harvey Oswald served well in the Intelligence field in the Marines.
Many guys like Lee dreamed of being like James Bond 007 in the 1950's books and 1960's movies.
Retired CIA Vincent Marchetti said LHO was probably a "Dangle" to temp the Russian KGB to recruit him.
When the Russians did not bite, LHO was allowed back in the USA, with a wife and kid.
None of Oswald's fingerprints were found on any weapons - just an alleged palm print.
After investigators went to the funeral home where Oswald's body was, and
closing the door on the director, they claimed the a palm print was on the the rifle.
The alleged rifle changed from a German Mauser to an Italian Carcano
The Italian rifle's sight was not set correctly, and is not a good rifle.
Oswald was a Marine, but only an average shooter.
Expert rifle shooters have been unable to replicate alleged shots including Jesse Ventura
A Police Officer interviewed Oswald calmly drinking a Coke only minutes after shooting.
A Paraffin test did not find any gun powder residue on Oswald's face or hands.
For what it is worth, Oswald denied all charges, and insisted he was a patsy.
He acted like a man unsure of what to do, with no per-planned escape route.
Terrorist assassins usually brag about it and want to be remembered as martyrs.
Ruby silenced Oswald before he had the chance to talk.
The list goes on.

5 Layer Cover Story
To remain a secret for a long time,
a conspiracy needs at least 3 layers of obfuscation

Layer 1: Lee Harvey Oswald - Lone gunman
Layer 2: Lee along with Pro-Castro Cubans & Russians
Layer 3: Lee along with Mafia and Bay of Pigs survivors
Layer 4: Rogue former CIA, Team 40 / "S" Team
Layer 5: LBJ with (Lawyer) E.H. Hunt (CIA) and Hoover (FBI)

There are 2 ways to keep an conspiracy a secret:
1. Kill everyone who is in the conspiracy, or
2. Get the blame on 1 person, and kill him.

Confessors, Conspirators, and Suspects
There is no shortage of men who have confessed to being involved.

James Files Confesses in JFK Assassination
James Files
confessed to the JFK Assassination
more info

Antoine Guérini
Antoine Guérini
Leader of Corsican Mafia
The Corsican Connection

Lucien Sarti
Lucien Sarti
Expert Assassin or "Jackal"
top marksman

The cost of the CD to hear his whole confession raises doubts questions about possible financial motivation.
Sounded credible at first.  He may have been one of the hit men.  But he may be trying to use this to get his freedom from jail for another crime.
Alleges connections to
Charles Nicoletti
Johnny Roselli
Sam Giancana

Christian David
Guérini offered job to
Christian David
who declined to kill JFK
Pointed to who the gunman was
which lead to Lucient Sarti

Gunman caught on film

Sarti could be the "Badge Man" in blue uniform behind the fence on the Grassy Knoll firing a gun at Kennedy. He was known to wear disguises on hit jobs.
Or possibly Roscoe White

Joseph Milteer
Joseph Milteer

mysteriously predicted JFK murder
by rifle from a building window, informant
Died in a mysterious house fire

Michel Nicoli
Michel Nicoli - former drug trafficker
now in witness protection program
confirms Christian David's story

"The Three Tramps"
found hiding in a train car
Arrested, not identified
then mysteriously released
may be Charles Harrelson
Chancey Holt confesses to
being the 3rd tramp

Carlos Marcello

His Mafia territory included Dallas

Santos Trafficante

Mafia Boss

Sam Giocanno

Was killed 1 week before his scheduled testimony at the HSCA.  He was shot in the back of the head, then around the mouth (a sign to shut up) in June 1975.

John Rosselli

The man who knew too much.
Was cut up, put into a drum
and thrown overboard in Florida.

Cord Meyer
Assistant to LBJ
Alleged Organizer of JFK Assassination

David Sanchez Morales

Assassin for the CIA

Morales sighted at the Bob kennedy assassination

Guy Bannister, P.I.
Tutored Oswald and set him up as
the fall guy, or "patsy" to take the blame

image 1
Allen Dulles (fired from CIA by JFK)
Gen. Ed Lansdale (angry with JFK)
Lansdale bragged of throwing Vietnamese out of helicopters to get "confessions"
Gen. Charles Cabell (fired by JFK)
Gen. Nathan Twining

E. Howard Hunt
CIA officer and Watergate conspirator, confessed to being asked to participate in in a plot to assassinate JFK code named "the big event" and implicates LBJ who "had a maniacal urge to become President." Cord Meyer, Bill Harvey, and David Morales (who was at the site of RFK's shooting). Confessed on his death bed to being involved.
Note: he was not the "3rd tramp"

Roscoe White
Dallas Police photo

Roscoe's son claimed that
his father was one of the gunmen

He may have been "Badge Man"
in the photo of the picket fence
on the Grassy Knoll

Frank (Ferini) Sturgis confessed to being one of the gunmen to assassinate Kennedy.
Lead the charge in the Bay of Pigs (confessed to NYPD Detective Jim Rothstein)

Jack Ruby worked for
was a informant on communists for
Congressman Richard Nixon
Committee on House UnAmerican Activities Committee
24 November 1947

Madeleine Brown (LBJ's mistress) claims Nixon was in Dallas on 11/22/63

Clay Laverne Shaw

Garrison was wrong on this one.
He was found innocent.
Clay was a supporter of JFK.
He was Clay Bertrand and CIA.

George de Mohrenschildt

Russian born friend of Oswald
or the plot's master mind?
Suggested Texas Book building to
Ruth Paine for job for Lee H. Oswald
Contract agent for CIA
Committed "suicide"

David Ferrie

Was against JFK for pulling out of the Bay of Pigs.
In Civilian Air Pratrol with Oswald.
Died of suspicious "suicide"
despite fatal head wounds

Jack Ruby
said he knew who shot JFK
"the man in office now"
referring to LBJ

Jack Ruby seemed to like JFK
but not enough to kill for him.

LBJ was also implicated by E. Howard Hunt, James Files, Joseph Milteer, and others as one of the conspirators.

Ruby was easy to blackmail in to
shooting Oswald, as LBJ could
put him in jail for many things
such as gambling and hiring
hit men, if promised a life
sentence.  He was going to
jail anyway, or be killed himself.

David Atlee Phillips
Chief of Western Hemisphere Operations of the CIA
including plots against Castro allegedly met with Oswald

Antonio Veciana
Code name "Bishop"
Witness to Conspiracy
Was almost shot

Admiral Lyman Lemnitzer

Known as "Lyman the Lie Man", Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) which unanimously approved Operation Northwoods, a false flag black operation involving the killing of innocent Americans (even astronaut John Glenn) and blame it on Cuba, to get the public to justify an invasion.  If the USSR responded it would be World War III. Basically it was unprovoked Conspiracy to Commit Murder of innocent American civilians during Peace Time.  JFK and RFK (Harvard grads) wisely disapproved the plan.  They needed a way to get such lunatic thinking out of the Pentagon, without insulting Lemnitzer, or  starting a military Coup d'Etat.  Yet they wanted to send a strong message to the Joint Chiefs that such ideas are unacceptable in America.
They gave him a "promotion" to represent the USA in NATO in Brussels Belgium, a position with little power or contact with DC.
Lemnitzer probably realized that it was in insult to his ideas.  His comments indicate he thought JFK was not good for America and "soft on communism."  They also clashed on the Bay of Pigs and Viet Nam war. In reality, he was fired as top man at the Pentagon.  JFK killed his career, and chance to be President.  So he may have wanted to retaliate.  He would have been an enemy of JFK with strong military connections.
The JCS learned a lesson from JFK's response to Operation Northwoods -- don't tell the President about plans for False Flag Operations.


Lyndon B. Johnson
Congressman Albert Thomas
smiles and winks at LBJ.

LBJ insisted that Jackie Kennedy be photographed by his side with Lady Bird as he was sworn in as President on Air Force One.  LBJ made sexual comments disrespectful to her and JFK. 

LBJ invited Jackie to live with him in the White House with his wife, but she declined in a letter.

LBJ told his mistress Madeleine Brown on the evening before 11/22/63
"Those SOB's will never embarrass me again.  That's not a threat, that's a promise." 

LBJ referred to the Kennedy's as the "Irish Mafia"

LBJ reversed JFK's pull out of Viet Nam the day after his funeral.

"Why did you have my brother killed?"

RFK to LBJ: "Why did you have my brother killed ?"

LBJ orders JFK's possessions out of White House
LBJ orders JFK's possessions out of White House
in a hurry by 9:00 am the day after his assassination.

"Lyndon's Johnson"
A memorial to the stone cold killer
and biggest, ugliest prick to ever steal the presidency.

Richard M. Helms
Director of the CIA
1966 - 1973
Director of Bay of Pigs fiasco
Fallout with the Kennedy's
Fired by Nixon for irregularities

Lyndon Baynes Johnson
was the only one of a few who knew that John F. Kennedy was traveling to Dallas instead of Miami, in time for Lee Harvey Oswald to get a job at the Texas Book Depository.

He has 2 personalities: nice elder statesman on camera, and swearing conniver in private.

Kennedy was favored to win the next election, which would postpone LBJ's last chance to be President for another 4 more years, as he was getting old.

Edwardo Clark
Clifton Carter, aide

Malcolm "Mac" Wallace

Convicted murderer of LBJ's sister's lover, judge over-ruled jury to sentence him to only 5 years, then released him.  LBJ literally helped a man get away with murder.

Madeleine witnessed Malcolm practicing skeet at the Dallas Gun Club days before the JFK assassination, and "if he pulled his trigger, he hit his target...he didn't miss."

Malcolm Wallace's fingerprint was found on the 6th floor of the Texas Book Depository.

LBJ is a suspect in many deaths

On 9th August, 1984, Billie Sol Estes' lawyer, Douglas Caddy, wrote to Stephen S. Trott at the U.S. Department of Justice. In the letter Caddy claimed that Estes, Lyndon B. Johnson, Mac Wallace and Clifton C. Carter had been involved in the murders of Henry Marshall, George Krutilek, Harold Orr, Ike Rogers, Coleman Wade, Josefa Johnson (LBJ's sister), John Kinser and John F. Kennedy. Caddy added: "Mr. Estes is willing to testify that LBJ ordered these killings, and that he transmitted his orders through Cliff Carter to Mac Wallace, who executed the murders."


Emory P. Roberts
U.S. Secret Service Agent chief Emory Roberts
called off JFK's Protection and thus enabled his murder.

Agent Henry J. Rybka tried to do his job to protect the President.
Roberts also called back Agent John D. Ready from running to the President's car after the shooting.

Robert Groden asks: "Who had the motive and opportunity?"

1. Military oriented anti-Castro Cubans, who felt betrayed by JFK after Bay of Pigs

2. The Mob who wanted gambling rights in Cuba again after Castro shut them down

3. Ultra-right wing who hated JFK for virtually everything he stood for

4. Hawks within military and CIA who had been fired by JFK for Bay of Pigs failure

"In October 1963, JFK had just signaled...that he was taking 1000 troops home from Vietnam
by Christmas 1963 and ALL AMERICANS out of Vietnam by the end of 1965. 
That cost him his life."
Col. L. Fletcher Prouty 
"Mr. X" in the Oliver Stone's  JFK movie
"General Y" is General Ed Lansdale

There is only one job that an American citizen can have where you can legally and
lawfully plan and strategize all day about killing many people - being a military leader.
99.99% can do this and keep their perspective and humanity, like General Eisenhower,
especially if they had a normal civilian upbringing and education in society.
But if we have even .001% who are twisted by an insecurity for power or funding,
the American public is in danger.  Black op and False flag operations are the result.

Military leaders can pay money to Mafia leaders who contract and pay the hired assassins

Debunked Theories

Oswald in the doorway?  Algens photo
No, it was another Billy Nolan Lovelady with short hair and white t-shirt.
Billy testified that he was the man in the doorway.
Lee testified that he was in the lunch room, even though being in the doorway would have helped more.

JFK Conspiracy? PROOF finally revealed! (with SOUND) The DRIVER DID IT?

Bill Cooper's theory

Did the driver have a gun?
No.   Falsely accuses Secret Service Agent William Greer.

But he did put on the brakes long enough for the 2nd shot that hit JFK, either by mistake or on purpose.

Video debunking

The theory that Jackie shot her husband, her love and father of their children, while in the car is beyond stupid and does not deserve a link.  It is disinformation designed to muddy the waters and confuse the public.  
  Dissenting view on Texas in the Morning
  Debunking bogus theories.

Judyth Baker - claims to be "the lover of Lee Harvey Oswald" to sell books, and hopefully a movie.
Although she seems to have convinced Nigel Turner to feature her on "The Men Who Killed Kennedy", John McAdams and Barb Junkkarinen debunk her point by point.


Altgens photograph

Mysterious "convenient" deaths

Officer Clint Peoples

Filming for HULU TV's movie 11.22.63

based on Steven King's novel

Googling for JFK Truth
Using Google Maps to show the major locations

Lee Harvey Oswald's commute from Wife's home to the Texas School Book Depository

Lee Harvey Oswald's commute from his apartment to work at TSBD

Scene of Officer Tippit's Murder

Movie Theatre where Lee Harvey Oswald was Arrested

such as Officer Roger Craig

There was no reason to take the Red route, as there were not many people.
More people would be able to see JFK on the Yellow route,
which would be farther from buildings where snipers could be.
The limousine would only have to slow for 1 turn, not 2 turns.

"The first Nightmare on Elm Street"

The last minute of America's state of freedom
before we took the turn on to Elm Street

LBJ also hated RFK and
was President 1963 - 1969
during the murder of RFK
Robert F. Kennedy

CIA Agents killed Robert Kennedy -- Part 1
3 CIA Agents were seen at the

Murder of Robert Kennedy
June 5, 1968


The Murder of
John F. Kennedy Jr.

11/25/1960 - 7/16/1999